Ta’ Xbiex ASC

History of the Team

Ta’ Xbiex ASC Netball was founded in 1977 by the help of David Saliba, the late John Incorvaja and his twin daughters May and Josephine. The team started off by winning the Netball Championship in the 1977-1978 league.

Among the years, Ta’ Xbiex ASC continued to participate in other competitions for a considerable number of seasons with a fair amount of success, promoting to the 1st division several times.

Later in 2016, Ta’ Xbiex ASC merged with Gladiators Netball Team where an u/21 team and another team participating in the open league were set up. The team quickly adjusted as just under the first year of joining forces, the open team placed 1st in the 2nd division and consequently promoted the 1st division.

Recently in 2019, the team also had the experience to play abroad in a Bristol Netball Tournament, playing against 16 UK teams.

Today, thanks to our sponsor, Ta’ Xbiex Aquatic Sports Club, the club has 20 members with two teams participating in the 2nd Division Open league; Ta’ Xbiex ASC and Ta’ Xbiex ASC Gladiators. Some of our youngsters also form part of the u/17 national team.

Players and Positions

Ta’ Xbiex ASC
WA – Team CaptainBaldacchinoCorinne
GA CamilleriDascha  
GKCutajar CortisMarisa
CMuscatAnne Marie 
CGaldes Amy
Ta’ Xbiex ASC Gladiators
WA – Team CaptainBrincatNaomi

Training Days/Times & Location of training

Tuesdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Thursdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm


Hal- Kirkop Sports Complex on Tuesdays

Marsa Sports Complex on Thursdays

Contact Details & Name of contact person for the Club

Naomi Brincat – 79971309 


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