Rising Champs

History of the Team

The Rising Champs Netball Team is a first division team and was established in the nineties and ever since has participated in the National League.  Throughout the years, the team always included several experienced players, some of whom were also ex-Malta National Team Players.

Progress & development of the team and achievements through the years

The team has won several honours which include, the National League, the Knockout Competition and the Super Cup.  Whilst the team achieved its first triple i 2002-2003, the 2005 -2006 season proved to be the most memorable in the team’s history when it achieved another triple and also succeeded in becoming the first local team to win an international tournament held in Malta.  From 1998 to 2016 the team was crowned national league champions 10 times, and were runners
up in 7 national leagues.  It also won the knockout competition 9 times and finished runners up twice.  The team also won the Super Cup 8 times.  Between the years 2002-2011 the team achieved 6 triple wins.
The team also proceeded abroad three times to play against foreign teams.  Their first experience was in Glasgow in 2007 where the team played a number of friendly matches against Scottish teams.  Then in 2009 they ventured to the Isle of Man to participate in a Netball Club Festival organised by the Manx Netball Association.  The team was the only foreign team who ever participated in this festival and out of the 15
participating teams, the team claimed an overall third place.  The team’s third participation was in a Netfest Tournament held in Spain in 2010.
The team has seen some changes since,  and has been working on building up its momentum once again which seems to be moving on the right track. With the influx of new young players in fact, in season 2018-2019 the team just missed the runners up position in the national
league by one point, clenching this  position in 2019- 2020. 
It is our intention to continue to strive to reach the peak once again in seasons to come.
As the quote goes ‘ never let good enough, be enough.’

Division played/currently playing

Coach & Captain Names

Division – First Division
Coach –  Diane Shergold
Captain – Yvonne Barry

Positions and players

GSNatalie Zahra, Jacqueline Cassar
GA Sabrina Abugrin, Jacqueline Cassar
WAMichelle Rhuma, Jacqueline Cassar, Leanne Barry, Diane Steel, Cynthia Grech
C Yvonne Barry, Leanne Barry
WDJoanna Aburgin. Leanne Barry, Diane Steel, Cynthia Grech
GD Nicole Borg, Doris Fenech
GKYasmin Abugrin, Doris Fenech

Training Days/Times & Location of training:

Training Days

Tuesdays 5.30-7.00

Team Contact Details
Natalie Zahra 9982 1969

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