History of the Team

Started playing together as MIA Netball in 2010. We have always had very good relationships with team members and have always encouraged the development of players in various aspects. We have grown to become very good friends and have always welcomed new players with open arms.  We are also proud to say that in 2018 we participated in a Netball Tournament in Spain and it was a very fruitful experience. 

Progress & Development of the Team & Achievements throughout the years

We have always competed well with other teams in the second division. There were years where we had some injuries and players missing from the team, but we managed to make up for it the following years.  MIA Netball are proud to have acquired 2nd place in League 2015-2016.

Division played/currently playing

2nd Division

Coach & Captain Names

Coach – Susan Ghigo

Captain – Jessica Micallef

Positions & Players

GSAlison Caruana, Valentina Farrugia, Vanessa Camilleri
GA Suzanne Borg, Melissa Mifsud
WAPauline Agius Farrugia, Ruth Micallef
C Jessica Micallef
WDTiziana Zerafa, Wendy Ciantar, Miriana Bugeja
GD Stephanie Farrugia, Tiziana Farrugia, Rodianne Zerafa
GKMichelle Calleja, Jeanette Zammit

Training Days/Times & Location of training

Monday – 5:30 – 7pm

Wedensday – 8 – 9:30pm

Contact Details & Name of contact person for the Team

Stephanie Farrugia – 79062938

Suzanne Borg – 79702541

Jessica Micallef – 79296382

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