Backs Netball Club


History of the Team

The Silverbacks team was established in 2013, where it debuted in the second division league. During its first year, the team finished 1st place and won the league. After getting promoted to first division, Silverbacks managed to finish 1st place and win the league again. It was a massive accomplishment for the team. 

Progress & development of the team and achievements through the years

From then on, Silverbacks have continued to obtain great results every consecutive year, winning the 1st division league for 3 consecutive seasons, also winning the knockout league twice in a row and taking the shield home!

GSFrancesca Farrugia, Corinne Lagana, Lara Debono, Nadya Turban, Marija Camilleri
GA Franesca Farrugia, Corinne Lagana, Lara Debono, Nadya Turban
WAFrancesca Farrugia, Nadya Turban, Lucretia Hili, Martina Cauchi, Casey Azzopardi
C Francesca Farrugia, Lucretia Hili, Martina Cauchi, Raina Pace
WDTamara Vella, Raina Pace, Martina Cauchi, Casey Azzopardi, Mariella Baldacchino
GD Tamara Vella, Gail Zammit
GKCorinne Lagana, Marija Camilleri, Gail Zammit, Mariella Baldacchino


History of the Team

The Blackbacks team was initially founded in 2016. This was due to the
fact that a majority of players were showing more and more potential.
Therefore, it was concluded that a 2nd team was to be formed. The
intention behind such a new concept was to eventually create/start a
‘netball club’ (now known as ‘Backs Swieqi netball club’) and gain
more insight and understanding of our team and sport – especially
through social media.

Division played/currently playing

Blackbacks’ first appearance was in the 2nd division league of that same
2016/2017: 3rd place
2017/2018: 4th place
2018/2019: Winners of the 2nd division league – promoted to 1st division
2019/2020: 1st division debut (league did not end due to covid-19). To
remain in 1st division.

  • These 4 years have been a rollercoaster of emotions – from starting from
    scratch – the team had non experienced netball players – to playing in
    the 1st division. ‘Failure’ should only lead to more opportunities in
    order to learn from your mistakes. As a team, we are the best of friends
    on and off court and we honestly believe this is the secret to success.
    We only hope that our hard work and dedication will aid us in continuing
    our road to even more accomplishments.

Positions and players

GS Ramona Scerri, Maria Bezzina, Sara Ciantar
GA Ramona Scerri, Maria Sapiano
WA Yanika Chircop, Katia Monreal, Lorella Said, Melissa Depasquele, Maria Krista Fiteni, Nicole Catania, Karen Louise Stoner, Maria Sapiano
C Donna Henderson, Yanika Chircop, Melissa Despasquele
WD Donna Henderson, Yanika Chircop, Maria Krista Fiteni, Nicole Catania, Karen Louise Stoner, Francesca Zammit
GD Jessica Vella, Tammy Manicolo, Abigail Fenech Pomroy
GK Francesca Zammit, Jessica Vella, Tammy Manicolo, Abigail Fenech Pomroy

Contact Details & Name of contact person for the Club

Team contact details:
Mobile number: 7980 6180
Email address:
Facebook page:
Instagram page:


History of the Team

Backs Netball Club was founded in 2013, at that time only Silverbacks were part of this club. Due to the significant growth, a new team was introduced in 2016 under the name of Blackbacks. In 2019, the club came to an agreement regarding an U/17 team, under the name of “Teenbacks”. Lucretia Hili was assigned as Coach, Kristabel Mercieca as Assistant Coach, Tamara Vella as Manager, Francesca Farrugia as physiotherapist, Kerstin Brown as fitness trainer together with Lucretia Hili. Season 2019/2020 has been the first for Teenbacks. The team is made up mostly of teenagers who have never played netball, which made it more difficult to compete in the tournament. Even though, it was they came last, they are very happy of their improvement from the first game they played till the very last one.

Positions and players

GSGiulia Grech
GA Marija Camilleri, Giulia Grech, Maria Youssef
WAErica Cassar, Maria Youssef
C Erica Cassar, Maria Youssef, Maya Rosset, Thea Deceles
WDEliza Darmanin, Marina Samy
GD Marija Camilleri, Elaine Steward
GKElaine Steward, Eliza Darmanin

Training Days/Times & Location of training:

Teenbacks train every Tuesday from 5 till 6:30pm at Kirkop Sports Complex, every Thursday from and Saturdays from 12:30 till 1:30pm at Real Steel Gym in Marsa.

Contact Details & Name of contact person for the Club

If you are interested to start playing netball do not hesitate to contact us through our facebook page;, on Instagram; @backsswieqinetball, or contact Coach Hili on 79806180.

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