History of the Team

Established in 2006, NRG Netball Club is one of the eleven member clubs in the Malta Netball Association.
The club caters for approximately 40 players, which make up our three major teams. Our first division team – NRG A, our second division NRG B and our Under 17, not to mention an ever growing nursery. Each team takes part in their respective league

Progress & development of the team and achievements through the years

The Team has achieved a lot of success throughout the years. In 2013, the first division team were runners up. In 2016 the second division had won the league and was promoted to the first division after years placing 2nd. Our under 17 have also showed a promising start to the newly introduced league and have placed 2nd last year. This year the B team came 1st with another team however, we had to accept the title of runners-up because of the goal difference. We also have multiple players who participate in the national games both in the open and even in the European championship challenge section U/17. The long-term vision of the club is to win all three leagues, keep growing its nursery, as well as nurture both its players to be able to play at an international level.

Division played/currently playing

– 1st Division – NRG A Focal Point Transport

– 2nd Division – NRG B Focal Point Transport

– U/17 Division – NRG Alpine

Coach & Captain Names

NRG A & NRG B Coach

  • NRG Club Coach + NRG A & NRG B – Margaret Bartolo
  • NRG A Assistant Coach – Jane Mifsud & Jacqueline Balzia
  • NRG B Assistant Coach – Odette Caruana
  • NRG U/17 & Nursery Coach – Odette Caruana
  • NRG U/17 & Nursery Assistant Coaches – Martina Schembri, Maureen Camilleri, Miriana Attard & Maria Vella.
  • Captain Names (2019/2020) – NRG A: Martina Schembri, NRG B: Ruby Bartolo, U/17: Ruslana Formosa Steel & Nicole Bugeja.

Positions and players


GSLaura Farrugia, Martina Schembri, Tiziana Caruana
GA Laura Farrugia, Martina Schembri, Tiziana Caruana, Clara Grech, Maria Farrugia
WAJosianne Farrugia, Myra Galea, Odette Caruana
C Miriana Attard, Josianne Farrugia, Odette Caruana
WDMiriana Attard, Myra Galea, Odette Caruana, Maria Vella, Maria Farrugia
GD Miriana Attard, Maria Vella, Clara Grech, Maureen Camilleri
GKClara Grech, Maureen Camilleri


GSSabrina Camilleri, Jane Mifsud, Eunice Micallef, Martina Portelli, Ivana Rotin
GA Jane Mifsud, Eunice Micallef,
WAMartina Portelli, Ruby Bartolo, Lara Micallef
C Jacqueline Balzia, Ruby Bartolo
WDLara Micallef, Alessia Debattista,
GD Alessia Debattista, Mandy Bartolo
GKJacqueline Balzia, Alessia Debattista, Mandy Bartolo, Dana Gauci, Daniela Carabott Pawley


GSKaylee Gatt, Amira Marsh, Cassidy Delia, Chadon Baron, Ruslana Formosa Steel
GA Nicole Bugeja, Ruslana Formosa Steel
WAKaylee Gatt, Francesca Maria Vella, Faith Delia, Cassidy Delia, Chadon Baron, Nina Gatt, Kristina Gauci
C Amira Marsh, Cathrina Vassallo, Faith Delia, Cassidy Delia, Nina Gatt
WDKaylee Gatt, Kelsy Cascun, Faith Delia, Nina Gatt, Kristina Gauci
GD Nicole Bugeja, Francesca Maria Vella, Cathrina Vassallo, Ruslana Formosa Steel
GKNicole Bugeja, Kelsy Cascun, Francesca Maria Vella, Amira Marsh

Training Days/Times & Location of training:

NRG A & NRG B training sessions:

  • Tuesdays at 7:00pm at Marsa Sports Grounds.
  • Fridays at 7:00pm at Hal Kirkop Sports Complex.
    NRG Under 17 & Nursery training sessions:
  • Winter: Saturdays at 2:00pm at Immaculate Conception School Tarxien.
  • Summer: Tuesdays at 7:00pm at Marsa Sports Grounds

Contact Details & Name of contact person for the Club

NRG Club Coach – Margaret Bartolo
Phone: 21895363/79268837

NRG U/17 & Nursery Coach – Odette Caruana
Phone: 79300935

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