“If you’re really passionate about the game, you’ll always put your best foot forward. Whatever position you’re put in, that’s the passion you have to get the turnovers, to get the shots in, and pass the ball to your team-mates.

That’s the passion you need to have for the game, and the drive you need to succeed. If you’ve got that passion then you’ll always be there at training and you’ll be a real team player.”

― Kadeen Corbin

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Clubs & Teams

  • NRG
    History of the Team Established in 2006, NRG Netball Club is one of the eleven member clubs in the Malta Netball Association.The club caters for approximately 40 players, which make up our three major teams. Our first division team – NRG A, our second division NRG B and our Under 17, not to mention an ever growing nursery. Each team takes […]
  • Backs Netball Club
    Silverbacks History of the Team The Silverbacks team was established in 2013, where it debuted in the second division league. During its first year, the team finished 1st place and won the league. After getting promoted to first division, Silverbacks managed to finish 1st place and win the league again. It was a massive accomplishment for the team.  Progress & development […]
  • MIA
    History of the Team Started playing together as MIA Netball in 2010. We have always had very good relationships with team members and have always encouraged the development of players in various aspects. We have grown to become very good friends and have always welcomed new players with open arms.  We are also proud to say that in 2018 we participated […]

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“Never limit yourself. We don’t know what our bodies can do and what our minds can achieve.”

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